8 Benefits of Yoga.

Yoga has become a bit of a novelty in the 21st century. Every millennial you speak has practised, or at least heard of yoga. Even doctors are suggesting it to alleviate chronic pain. What are your thoughts on yoga? What are some of the key benefits you’ve come across?

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On the 21st of June twenty-twenty, it’s not only Father’s Day but also International Day of Yoga day! I can think of no better way to celebrate than to take to the mat and practice some stress-busting stretches. But I also want to take this time to discuss the top eight benefits of yoga and how it can help boost recovery and confidence.

Maybe you’re new to yoga, or perhaps you’re a seasoned veteran. Or maybe you’re just curious? What’s it all about? Will, I suit it? No matter your experience or thoughts, this blog post will open your eyes to the many benefits of yoga in recovery. Even if you’ve been taking it to the mat since the ’90s, you never know, you might learn something new!

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What is yoga?

I began my yoga journey on March twenty-nineteen. I’d heard so much about the benefits that it sounded like it might be the only thing to finally change my mindset. Currently, I practice at least two times a week, sometimes more depending on the time and my condition. I’ve found it to be so empowering, moving and, at times, emotional! I never thought I would cry in a child’s pose, but here we are!

Yoga is the Sanskrit word yuj meaning ‘to bind‘. It can also be interpreted as union. Either way, it’s clear that it promotes a sort of togetherness. Personally, I take it that this means it meshes our minds, bodies, and souls into one, allowing us to be entirely one with ourselves.

Yoga is more than just postures and stretches. We connect our breathing with the movement of our bodies, and the swift, gentle progression from one post to the next is dictated by our breath. But I’m not here to bore you with the ins and outs! If you’re interested in learning more head on over to Camila Muradas.

8 Benefits of Yoga in Recovery.

There are so many benefits that it would be impossible to include them all in a simple blog post. In order to keep this somewhat short, I’ve plucked my TOP 8 from the pile of many.

It teaches us Compassion.

The practice of yoga encourages us to be compassionate to others and most importantly to ourselves. Whether we’re in the midst of mental illness or knee-deep in recovery, self-hate, and ridicule are common themes. It’s a welcome change to be fed positive messages about ourselves when all we want to do is internally put ourselves down.

The first time I sat through an instructional yoga video with Adriene Mishler, I was so comforted. Don’t get me wrong, I was slightly taken aback and felt a little silly at being told I’m wonderful by a stranger, much less a stranger on TV. But the more I practised and the more I allowed myself to repeat those words with the abandon of what anyone else might think, the more I began to believe them.

During Adriene’s practice, she fills you with praise, telling you how wonderful it is that you took this time to be with yourself. The best part is that this isn’t just an Adriene thing. Many other yoga instructors do this and the reason behind it? To verbally tell us that we are doing amazing things, we are good enough.

Self-compassion is so important in recovery because so often we can get caught up in the negative aspects of ourselves, or what the voice will have you believe is negative, that it can become difficult to see the positive.

It reduces stress.

You’ve heard it said so many times:

You’re stressed? Try some yoga!”

In the past, I would have rolled my eyes. I could never shut my mind off long enough to do yoga, I’d be no good, I would just spend the whole time thinking about what I needed to do next. If I’m honest at the start I did rush through practice in order to get to my next task. Yoga was just first on the long list of tickboxes I needed to fill. But once you allow yoga into your life, and give yourself the time to sit with it, the changes can be amazing.

Studies have been conducted on the benefits of yoga for combating stress and the results leave little to the imagination. A medical study conducted on twenty-four emotionally distressed women found that in just three months of solid practice, their cortisol levels had been lowered significantly.

This is just one of many studies conducted on the subject of yoga and mental health. Find out more by reading; The benefits of yoga for stress management.

It reduces anxiety.

Anxiety during recovery is at an all-time high. You are faced with so many terrifying things in the eyes of anorexia, your heart starts to pound at the mention of ‘Christmas dinner‘ or ‘office party‘ and panic often follows. Yoga has been proven to relieve anxiety symptoms through a variety of studies on various groups of people.

Asanas help to ease our discomfort both physically and mentally.

“Through the practice of yoga, our muscles are stretched and our minds are open, often relieving the pressure for that we hold within ourselves.”

Harmful thinking patterns and perpetual overthinking are all too common or those suffering from mental illness. Through meditation and focusing on our breathing, we are encouraged to let go of those thoughts, and to allow our bodies and minds to become one. In general, the practice of yoga can trigger the relaxation response, which is the opposite to fight or flight. This allows our bodies to relax, and fall into a state of calm.

It allows us to practice at home.

Yoga isn’t the only thing that allows us to practice in the comfort of our own homes, but it’s certainly the easiest. The reason I mention this is that sometimes the thought of going to a class can be anxiety-inducing. Why? Because we’re afraid of the judgement of others. It’s simple.

Practising at home using a guide on your smart TV or through the use of a book allows us to practice in a safe, familiar space. Personally, I use Yoga With Adriene and Dionne Elizabeth on YouTube when I feel that I need guided practice. On other occasions, I use Yoga Your Home Practice Companion.

I love this book! It’s helped me to get the best out of my practice, which can change on a daily basis. You can use it alongside the YouTubers mentioned and can help you perfect certain poses. BUT don’t push yourself. Be aware of your own limitations to reduce the chance of injury.

It helps us to sleep.

Insomnia and sleep disturbances often accompany those suffering from mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Through the use of several studies, it’s been determined that Yoga could be the key to getting a full, and restful night’s sleep.

After just 8 weeks of consistent study the following improvements were found in the twenty insomniac participants;

  • Wake up time.
  • The time it took to fall asleep.
  • Sleep Efficiency.
  • Total sleep time.
  • Total wake time.

The relaxation aspect of yoga gives our minds and bodies time to wind down, so if you have issues sleeping it’s best to practice yoga before hitting the hay.

It can aid digestion.

Your gut is known, notoriously, as the second brain. A large part of your digestive system is aligned with your mental state, making it sensitive to intense emotions, stress and anxiety. It’s no wonder that I suffered from severe tummy troubles over the course of the last year!

Yoga helps us to relieve symptoms of indigestion, constipation, bloating and general discomfort, in the same way, it alleviates mental distress; by instilling a sense of calm and relaxation.

Not only this but certain poses help create reactions within our bodies. Twisting your body poses helps to relieve or ‘wring out‘ the digestive tract. This is similar to wringing out a wet dishcloth if you know what I mean!

It improves strength & flexibility.

Many people take up yoga to improve their overall strength and flexibility, without being too strenuous on our bodies. During recovery from an eating disorder, specifically anorexia nervosa, it’s not advised to take part in any exercise that runs the risk of burning excessive calories. During recovery in my teens, I wasn’t even allowed to walk.


Yoga allows us to exercise in a way that doesn’t focus on the calories we burn or the hours spent on the treadmill. It focuses on posture, the flexibility of our bodies and building up strength we have long since lost to muscle wastage.


Ahimsa (A-HIM-SA) means non-harming or non-violence in Sanskirt and is one of the five Yoga Sutras. It reminds us that yoga is accessible, or should be accessible, to all people no matter their skill level, gender, age or gender. Remembering Ahimsa throughout our practice enables us to begin to accept our mind, body, and soul completely.

Practising non-violence means being compassionate to ourselves. It means to speak gently and to work at a pace that we are comfortable with, which will cause us no harm.

“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”

Lao Tzu

Yoga has become a bit of a novelty in the 21st century. Every millennial you speak to has practised or at least heard yoga. Even doctors are suggesting it alleviates chronic pain. What are your thoughts on yoga? What are the other benefits of yoga that you’ve discovered?

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  1. I honestly think it should be part of schooling over here too. That and both mindfulness and meditation! It would be so helpful to mental health at a young age.

  2. I know yoga has a lot of health benefits that’s why I like to try it but I don’t know where to start especially now that we can only take online classes

  3. In India we had yoga in our school curriculum and we also had to learn little bit of history and benenfits of all the different postures.

  4. Yoga is the next way to live and have a healthy life. Yoga has so many health benefits

  5. i keep putting off from trying yoga, i should really motivate myself, it is stunning and ever-changing practise

  6. I am starting my Yoga adventure and I am going slow and steady for now. I love the list of benefits, informative!

  7. No I’ve never had the opportunity to but it looks amazing! I’d love to give it a go if we ever get back to normal here.

  8. I could only suggest trying to get some practice in while they are napping or after they go to bed. Bedtime yoga can really help you sleep, so it might even more beneficial for you to practice after the kiddies go to sleep. Even 15 minutes of meditation or light stretches can help! That or, once we go back to reasonable normality, a yoga class might be good if you can get the childcare.

  9. I’ve never really tried yoga but I’m also the least flexible person on the planet. Thanks for the great list. I definitely see the benefits.

  10. I am planning to start yoga soon for pain. Hope it helps. Thank you for such an amazing share

  11. I’ve been terrible at sticking with yoga long term. I really need to get back into it and make it a part of my routine!

  12. Getting honest, I’ve only tried yoga twice, and I just couldn’t get it. I did, however, jump to “yoga for weight loss” thinking the beginner stuff would be not good enough. Lol I love all the benefits of it, so maybe I’ll give a beginner class a chance.

  13. I knew there were many benefits to yoga but I didn’t realize it helped with sleep and digestion. I have tried yoga off and on for years but I have yet to actually stick with it. I think I am going to try to incorporate it into my regular routine as I could use the help getting a good nights sleep.

  14. I didn’t know yoga could have so many benefits! My friend and I were looking at starting it just before lockdown and reading this, I think we should give it a try once everything is back to normal. Great post!

  15. I’ve found yoga so beneficial for my mental and physical health. A great article, thanks for sharing!

  16. I tried yoga before and I love the effect in my body and mind, hopefully now, I can find time to do it again… It will be a great help especially this time of crisis

  17. Who couldn’t use more of all of these things in their life? Reading this definitely motivates me to incorporate more yoga into my routine.

  18. This is a great read! I love yoga and practice 3x weekly because it helps with my stress levels so much!

  19. Yoga is the best form of exercise which heals both mind and body at the same time. I have been doing yoga for many years, and love how it helps me to relax and preserve my stamina and energy!

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  26. I have tried yoga and I really wanted to stay consistent but couldn’t. In the little time that I actually did it, I have to say, I felt great. Amazing.

  27. Thanks for the suggestion of Adriene Mishler’s yoga teaching. I checked out her page and am looking forward to learning from her.

  28. There are so many great benefits to yoga. I’ve had so many recommend it for my anxiety issues but I haven’t taken the leap yet. I’ve always been a bit afraid but this helps a lot.

  29. This is a great list of all the benefits of yoga. I’ve definitely noticed how calming it can be when I’m stressed out or when I’m having digestive problems.

  30. I’ve been doing the yoga 4.7.8. exercise for a while and it is helping me to sleep. I used to do yoga all the time, it helps with flexibility. I have to start doing it again thank you for sharing these benefits.

  31. I have a love and hate with yoga. I always start with enthusiasm and end up abandoning its ç_ç

  32. Spot on!!! I sleep and feel so much better when I practice yoga. Even if it is a short practice.

  33. Yoga has become a part of my exercise routine in the last few months and it’s slowly starting to grow on me! I’m aiming to get a bit more flexible so I’m hoping yoga will do that for me! x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

  34. This is something I’ve always wanted to try. I feel like yoga would have huge benefits for me and my family. That said, we have three little ones, so it’s challenging to find the time. Any advice?

  35. I have not tried yoga because there are so many fitness and wellness trends that come and go, and so many tried and true things that already work for me. Your article is a great intro to anyone that’s interested in this method!

  36. Thank you so much for reading! Yoga at home is key right now and there are so many places online to help you practice it! x

  37. There are so many benefits to exercise and especially Yoga! This is a great list! I need to get back into Yoga especially since I am stuck at home right now.

  38. Thank you for reading. I’m glad you found this informative. Yoga can certainly be very helpful for the mind, especially at the moment.
    Stay safe!

  39. I have been thinking about doing yoga for some time now, but after reading I finally made up my mind about starting today practicing yoga!! Reading all of its benefits will definitely help me feel better with myself and relax.

  40. Getting more consistent with yoga was one of my goals for 2020 but I let it get pushed aside. Thanks for the reminder and the great article!

  41. Reading this has made my want to get back into yoga again. It’s such an amazing exercise for the mind and the body.

  42. What an interesting read! I’ve known one or two benefits of yoga, like the way it helps us to sleep and relax, but it turns out to have so many more positive impacts to our body! Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  43. I’ve never tried yoga, but if it has so many benefits in recovery I’d like to try it out for sure! As always very useful articles here!

  44. Be it in recovery or otherwise, yoga has numerous number of positive effects on the body. The only hard part is getting into the habit of doing it daily.

  45. I believe that yoga can help all of us in one way or another. The benefits of yoga out weight the reasons not to I know many that enjoy yoga and believe it may be what I need to try as well

  46. I loooove yoga and yes it definitely helps with recovery and mental health. I started doing Ashtanga yoga, it is great.

  47. I like how holistic of an approach you’ve taken on this—not just looking at yoga from the ‘it helps your body’ way, but also detailing the benefits to mental states and so on. Nice job!

  48. For the past couple of months, I keep seeing info on yoga and I really want to get back into it because I know it would be so helpful to me right now. Maybe in the next couple of days I can start to implement something.

  49. I have found that yoga is helping me sleep better. I need to learn some yoga poses

  50. My sister was in a facility for an eating disorder and it was yoga that she really related to. I have yet to really get into yoga, although I have done mild yoga stretches for running that I have found really beneficial!

  51. I can see the benefits of yoga. I could never get into it, but I know many people who love it, my daughter included.

  52. I have done a very simple yoga before, we had a very quick yoga session in one of my class in college. With just a simple of that, I felt so clear and refresh, it feels like all my stress washes away. I think that’s how yoga is. But never knew anything about these many benefits of yoga. Glad I’ve read this, makes me start my yoga the soonest.

  53. I have practiced yoga and loved it. But it has been a while. I really need to get back to doing it again. Thanks for a great article and the benefits were all perfectly on target!

  54. I have heard that yoga can be very beneficial to someones health, I need to start practicing along with some meditation .

  55. Great post! Yoga is my go-to form of exercise. It’s such a gentle, relaxing when to stay fit and

  56. LOVE this post, though I might be biased as a yoga teacher!! You covered so many really important points that are big benefits to yoga. Ones that I was happy to see that you listed were compassion. Ahimsa, reduction of stress and anxiety and being able to practice at home! I am so happy that you found yoga and that you make it a part of your everyday life!

  57. I always love reading some facts about yoga. There are so many different considerations, especially when you’re connecting the mind with the body. I LOVE all of these benefits! I’ve been into aerial yoga lately and it has been great. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  58. It’s okay to give up as long as you try again. I have given up many a time and it’s only lately that yoga has really been there for me on a personal level. Sometimes it takes a while to get into it, especially if physical activity is not your thing due to motivation issues or chronic illness. Never say never though!

  59. I really want to get into yoga, and I have started a yoga DVD before but after a week I seem to give up. I need to really set up a routine for myself and keep to it. Cause that one week of doing it I was feeling better too

  60. I honestly find even just doing some of the breathing techniques helps me – I’ll lie in bed and do alternate nostril breathing or bee breathing at night sometimes, or when I first wake up and need to help ground myself.

  61. Gentle yoga should defo help you out in beginning to re-work your shoulder. Take it easy the first time round, listen to your body and what it’s telling you. Can you bend that way? Maybe not yet but in time. You know? I wish you all the luck in beginning your journey! Namaste. x

  62. Oh thats great advice! Thank you for sharing.
    My practice has suffered so much this month because I haven’t been at home much with my grandmother being ill. I can see it suffering more next month in the wake of her passing, but I also know in my self that it’ll help me through.

  63. I prefer home study over classes. I mostly use yoga at the moment to help stretch weary muscles in the morning or before bed, and it helps so much more than painkillers or deep heat ever could.

  64. I started out in my living room with a youtube tutorial, and it just took form from there. But I’ve also gone to one or two classes. I don’t personally find they’re for me because I lack confidence, but classes can certainly help you get the basics down. Yoga isn’t about doing things right, it’s just about doing. I’ve stopping trying to get the perfect form and just doing what my body allows me to do.

  65. I’m an intense and stressed out person which is why I do yoga. It allows my mind to unravel and give me a bit of a break.

  66. It’s very helpful for anyone sitting at a desk all day, especially for the upper back which is where I carry alot of my stress.

  67. I’m not in recovery, but I still think these tips could benefit my life!! I’m stressed and anxious most of the time, and I’ve been taking anxiety meds 2-4 times a day for a couple of months now. I’d love to be able to cut back on that (it is doctor approved, no worries), and I think I’ll start trying yoga. Thanks for the information!

  68. I have so much stress in my life and also sit at a desk all day. Someone suggested I try yoga, and now with your post, it sounds like it’s a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  69. I’ve tried yoga a couple of times, but i really think I should try it more regularly! Thank you so much for sharing this information!
    xoxo Annaleid

  70. I haven’t tried Yoga … mainly because it seemed to be a fad and I try to avoid fads and the other reason was that most Yogi’s I know seemed to be the most intense and stressed out people 😀 BUT … your article has helped me to rethink and maybe I will give it a go. Thank you.

  71. This is a great post tha is Nyxie. How did you start out with yoga? I’ve been to a few classes and really enjoy it but it’s too expensive since to do regularly. So I’ve tried following videos at home but I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing and am doing things wrong.

  72. Yoga is such an amazing tool for all of us! It is one of those things that relaxes and settles me. I’m not distracted by anything. It’s my time where I shut myself away in my office and just focus on that.

  73. I suffer from chronic illness and have turned to yoga lately for recovery. It’s helped immensely and I’m feeling better than I have in years!

  74. Great post. I recently started seriously practicing yoga and I totally agree with all your points. I practice on my own with Youtube video and each time I am so thankful to myself for the time on the mat. It’s a life changer.

  75. I’m not very good t exercising but I’d love to get started with basic yoga mainly for stretching but I wouldn’t want to join a class. I may just try give it a try!

  76. Thank you. If you could give me a critique I would really appreciate it. I am not being ditributed in topics and I thought for sure this article would be. Do you have any thoughts? Do not feel you have to do this. I know you are very busy. There is always so much to do.

  77. Wow, I didn’t realize that yoga has these kinds of benefits. It sounds like it could be really beneficial to my anxiety and stress. However, I think I’d rather do something guided at home. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  78. I’ve ended up slipping so much this month after trying to make yoga a more consistent practice for me.
    I do find it can help me settle into bed in the evening – I’m not sure if it actually helps me get to sleep but I get less stressed about not getting to sleep if that makes sense?

    Moving my body with my breath is so good for me, I struggle a lot with physical connection to my body and it helps me with personal awareness. It also helps get me to actually stretch which I don’t do nearly enough of.

    I think the best advice I ever got from a yoga instructor was that the position of your hands affects the energy of the practice – that to face them palms up to receive energy and palm down to ground yourself. Switching my hand position (especially for savasana) has helped me to find practice more grounding and calming whereas previously I had been getting more anxious and agitated.

  79. I have never tried yoga before. After reading your post, it’s definitely something I am going to look into. I like the idea of watching a YouTube video for instruction. Thank you!

  80. I TOTALLY NEEDED THIS POST!! About six days ago, I dislocated my shoulder and I’m in the recovery phase. It’s getting way better but lately I get this huge knot in my tummy, I guess it’s anxiety. Plus I’ve been struggling to sleep comfortably. I never considered yoga! It never even crossed my mind???? But then your post felled in my lap and is addressing some of my concerns! This is such a blessing!???????????? I’m so excited to begin my yoga journey!!!

    Natonya | https://www.justnatonya.wordpress.com

  81. I can just about do crow pose and pigeon pose, so headstands are off my list for a while!
    Thank you so much for stopping by 🙂

  82. I hope you continue! It can be amazing for back pain. My father practiced before his parents got ill and I trust he will once it’s all over, and it did wonders for his back!

  83. Mine still does that! I’m practicing all the time to get it to just stay quiet but it can be very hard when you have so many ideas and thoughts bouncing around. Give it a go and don’t get angry at yourself for drifting off. Just sit with it, put it in a box and label it ‘later’ so you can come back to it.

  84. I 100% recommend trying yoga in your living room with nothing more than a youtube video and motivation. It can really work wonders and, other than walking, is one of the cheapest forms of exercise.

  85. I hate being that person sometimes. The one that is like ‘have you tried yoga?’ for every illness, but honestly it’s opened my mind so much to the point where it’s actually helped heal my body!

  86. Thank you for stopping by. I honestly never thought I would love yoga as much, but now I can’t wait for the good weather so I can finally do it outside! I think it’ll help me feel ever more grounded and at peace.

  87. I would certainly involve your brother if he’s a trainer and knows what he’s doing. Personally, yoga is doing wonders for my flexibility, balance, and joints. It’s even helping improve my mindset and enabling me to work through grief.

  88. Great informational post. I haven’t tried yoga, yet. My husband loves it. He says it keeps him flexible.

  89. Great article! Yoga has so many incredible benefits, incorporating both the basics of meditation but also some great strengthening and flexibility benefits!

  90. I would love to try to get into yoga my balance is horrible lol but I see all of the benefits that come with it and it seems like something that could help even those that aren’t in recovery maybe I could get my brother to explore it with me since he’s a trainer thanks for the info I’ll let you know if I actually go through with it lol

  91. Excellent article describing yoga and it’s benefits. Thank you for sharing.

  92. Hi! I’ve been practicing yoga for years and I don’t feel the same if I get out of my routine! And, I also do yoga with Adriene when I practice at home! I think of yoga as a lifestyle now. I love how you broke down all the benefits. Thanks for the informative post! Melissa Damiani | Gratitude Grace Glamour

  93. There are so many different levels of yoga, anyone can do it. It is slow and precise and beautiful, and so very calming as it guides you through breathing and stretching and focusing.

  94. Yoga is a wonderful way to reduces the stress in my life. I make it a point to do it. within my schedule will allow me to. thanks for sharing.

  95. I have always viewed yoga as a way to improve fitness and flexibility. I didn’t realize the emotional and psychological benefit. This is enlightening to me. Love this article, it is inspiring. Maybe I will try something new.

  96. Great post and really informative! I’ve found exercise works wonders with my anxiety and I’ve always wanted to give yoga a try – this has definitely inspired me further!

  97. Wonderful post! Yoga is my favourite thing ever. Since welcoming it into my life, I feel so much calmer and more positive as a person. Both my physical and mental self benefit from yoga and although I was once a sceptic, my mind has been totally changed. I always bang on about how incredible it is and your post has taught me even more about the benefits of yoga, which I shall now preach to others lol. Thanks so much for sharing x

  98. Yoga has bee popping up in my mind a lot lately as something maybe I should give a try. I like the meditational aspect of it as well as the health benefits. I worry about my lower back issues with any new body regimen, but I am drawn to the idea of yoga.

  99. I love when you said you can’t shut your mind off to do yoga. That is so me! My mind is constantly going so it’s hard to clear my thoughts. I’m personally a fan of strength training, but your post has convinced me to consider incorporating some yoga stretches into my routine. Thanks!

  100. This is such an interesting read! I started doing a quick yoga sequence morning and night to help with my back pain. So far, it has done wonders.

  101. Fantastic article! You have covered all the pros and cons so well. I am actively trying to do more yoga, even 5 minuets a day. I just want to be able to do a head stand!
    Really well written post as always.
    Thank you for sharing.

  102. I really need to get my sh*t together with exercise and the wellbeing that comes from it. Not sure yoga is more me (yet) but if it helps with sleeping and energy levels I will incorporate something into my day!

  103. I’ve never tried Yoga because it looks like it requires a certain degree of flexibility starting out but these benefits are truly amazing.

  104. I absolutely love Yoga. Sadly I have not practiced it in about 5-6 years now. I have to start again. Thanks for sharing this. I hope it will help motivate me to find a class nearby.
    I wanted to share something I wrote on Medium.Com. Have you heard of them? It is another great outlet for writing. Here is my story: https://medium.com/@lindalatt/panic-in-the-er-the-fear-and-terror-of-the-unknown-722513da811a?source=friends_link&sk=76b202b949769d8c145cc1c7692021e8

    I hope you have a chance to read it and I would love a critique. Enjoy your day.

  105. Haven’t did yoga since college. After reading this, It reminded me how I use to feel after yoga class. I have trouble sleeping so I definitely need to get back to it! Thanks for sharing

  106. Another informative article from Nyxie! Keeping our selves in shape shoud be a priotity!

  107. I always thought I don’t have the time to do yoga, but it’s all about taking the time, even 10 minutes. I would love to do more of these yoga related posts so I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed it 😀

  108. I keep saying I would love to start Yoga but I never seem to get to it! Now that I have read this, I want to start now! Thanks Nyxie for sharing this with us!

  109. Great Post! Yoga plays an important role in our healthy life.
    Thank you for sharing!

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