Meditation For Healing.

Meditation is one of the most important things you can do for your mental health. It’s highly recommended by mostly all of the coaches, gurus, and motivational people we come across online. They all claim it to be THE most important part of their daily schedule and contribute it to their success and balance in life.

Luxury Self-Care: Enjoy a Spa Experience.

“Located in the newly refurbished Olympia Leisure Center , Spa Experience is the perfect place for inner-city relaxation. Having lived in West Belfast for a number of years, I’m well aware of The Boucher Road’s appeal to shoppers and gym bunnies. The addition of a spa within the Olympia is perfect and provides a much-needed addition to the multitude of shops, car retailers, gyms and restaurants that can be found along the strip.

10 Things you can control right now.

“We need to focus on what we can control, rather than what we can’t, because if you spend too much time trying to control the weather, you’ll miss out on the sun.” There are so many things in this life that we can’t control. The weather, the opinions of others, who our next prime ministerRead more