The Benefits of CBD.

CBD is almost as big a buzzword as self-care at the moment and is being used by millions to manage emotional and physical pain. It’s been gaining a wide following among the mental health, chronic illness and wellness world, and has been proven to produce several health benefits.

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Are you looking into alternative medicine to help with your anxiety or depression? Maybe you need something to help with a physical, chronic illness or to elevate the symptoms of cancer treatment. If so, then you’ve probably heard of CBD products.

But what are the benefits of CBD for mental and physical illness, and why should you give it a try?

My own experience with CBD.

I began using CBD oil in May 2019. I’d heard many stories both positive and negative, but nothing ‘big‘ enough to persuade me to use it before then. Quite frankly, I was afraid that CBD, much like THC, would appear on a company drug test, therefore leading to the termination of my then-job. But after experiencing my grandfather’s illness and subsequently his passing, I made the ultimate decision to leave that particular company. There were no longer any excuses and so, after handing in my notice, I bought my first vial of CBD oil from a local Holland and Barrets.

A collection of CBD products from Truverra.

At first, I didn’t feel any different but I persevered and continued to take three drops on my tongue each day. I’m not going to lie, it took me a while to come to terms with the taste, a mixture of earth and plant. After about a month I realized that my anxiety around food had dropped significantly, all without the help of additional anti-anxieties. In fact, I was able to reduce the dose myself from three to just two and, eventually, one.

CBD has little to no side effects, unlike mainstream medications that come with a whole host of possible issues. The use of CBD complies with drug tests required by some employees to continue employment, therefore allowing people to medicate without the use of harsher, more traditional medications.

** I should note that although CBD can be great when used alone for things such as anxiety or small aches and pains, traditional medication may still be required. This should be discussed and confirmed by your GP or Primary Care Team. Any reduction in medication should be discussed thoroughly with medical practitioners and you SHOULD NOT aim to reduce medication without the go-ahead from your own doctors.

What is CBD?

CBD is almost as big a buzzword as self-care at the moment and is being used by millions to manage emotional and physical pain. It’s been gaining a wide following among the mental health, chronic illness and wellness world, and has been proven to produce several health benefits.

But what exactly is it?

It’s one of around 113 cannabinoid compounds found within the cannabis plant. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which produces the psychoactive effect gained from smoking weed, CBD has a milder effect. It won’t get you high by any means, but for most, it produces a calming, stress-relieving reaction.

What are the benefits of CBD?

Personally, I use CBD for anxiety, joint pain, issues with food and, on occasion, skin blemishes. In the last few months, I’ve been able to reduce the number of anti-anxieties I take, and it’s even worked to support me when I’ve forgotten to take prescription medications (as can happen, but I don’t make a habit of it). I would even go so far as to say that it has helped mellow my emotional pain and grief after the death of my grandparents in early 2019.

But don’t take it from me. The benefits of CBD are all over the internet. All you have to do is google the term benefits of CBD and you’ll come up with an infinite list of scientific explanations as to why you should try it. These are just a few;

  • Anxiety Relief.
  • Pain Relief.
  • Relieves cancer treatment symptoms (nausea etc).
  • Neuroprotective

What YOU had to say.

I wanted to avoid a repetitive what’s in it for me post which only succeeds in rounding up all the information on the internet. Instead, I took to Twitter to find out why some of my followers use CBD, and if really works;

Positive Responses;

Meditative Owl;

“I use CBD capsules to help with my anxiety, but mostly for fibro pain. I haven’t had any for the past 2 weeks and I know it! They definitely do make a huge difference.”

Jackie of All Trades;

“I’ve been using CBD face cream and it’s made my skin feel super soft and has also helped with my acne.”

“My friend used CBD face cream after a tooth extraction surgery. It helped bring down the inflammation on his face and helped ease the pain.”


“I love CBD products! I use them for general aches and pains. I’ve noticed that I seem to be less anxious when I’m taking CBD.”

The Chronically Unimaginable;

“I use both oil and topical cream. I’ve noticed that the cream helps with the pain more.”

Fox Hill Fitness;

“I use it for my son’s ADHD. It helps him with the anxiety part and the impulsiveness. My sister was able to get off her meds and finally sleeps now.”

Negative Responses;

Like any form of medication, however, some people found CBD to be ineffective and even nauseating.

This reaction is completely fine, and it’s important to remember that not everyone will react in the same way! CBD is not a miracle drug. It will not cure you of all ailments, likewise, it may not effect you at all.

With that in mind, I urge anyone in this boat to try a different CBD product before dismissing it altogether. Like prescription medications, one size may not fit all.


“I’ve used CBD for chronic pain but unfortunately it hasn’t worked for me. I’ve used creams, tinctures, vaping, capsules, and transdermal patches. Hoping to find something that helps someday.”

Flixy Mom;

I found that I’m too sensitive to CBD even topically. I had mood swings.

What to read more about CBD? Check out this post by Sweet Elyse.

[AD] Experience quality CBD.

“At Truverra, we’re dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of safe and innovative CBD products. We source our pure CBD exclusively from prime European hemp strains and extract it using cutting-edge non-aggressive techniques that contribute to a natural, unadulterated finished product.”

Truverra Team.

The brand of CBD oil I’d been using had been inconsistent since October ’19. They usually consisted of whatever could be found in Holland and Barrett, or at the stalls erected in the center of the local mall. Although there’s nothing wrong with changing the brand you use, I personally need consistency in regard to supplements to receive any benefit.

Truverra sent me a package in early February 2020, and since then I’ve been more consistent in my use of CBD. Prior to this, I’d noticed my anxiety levels creeping higher as I’d had to remove one of my anti-anxiety medications from my usual routine. Truth be told the introduction of a consistent CBD product was a God-Send, and it’s helped me manage my anxiety without the exhausting side effects.

The products received consisted of;
  • CBD Oil used on or under the tongue, or in a glass of water.
  • CBD lip balm for use of dry and cracked lips. As someone who chews their lips due to anxiety I highly recommend this. It’s also great if you live in a country such as Northern Ireland when it’s cold and raining ALL the time!
  • CBD balm for use on skin. This is particularly good for dry or cracked skin which can occur for many reasons, the cold weather being one.
  • CBD supplements for use in a glass of water or diluted juice. My partner and I have been using it since the day of arrival alongside no other multivitamins. I can honestly say I feel the difference in regards to energy and overall aches and pains.
  • CBD vape e-liquid for use on any vapes. As an ex-smoker, I’ve been vaping for a while now. Before this, I was using traditional vaping e-liquid and found myself smoking it more than I really should have. I’ve since switched to vaping only CBD liquid, particularly on my way to and while at work. The amount I vape has since reduced significantly! Great if you are wanting to quit or simply switch to 0% nicotine products.
25% off when you use code ‘Nyxtrix’ at the checkout. Available until the end of March 2020.

If you’re interested in giving the Truverra brand a try why not check out their full range of products here.

Not only are all those listed above available to you, but there are a variety of other products I have yet to try. This includes CBD creams and lotions, various other supplements and different flavors of e-liquid.

Already tried the Truverra brand? Let me know what you think in the comments below!


  1. I have had some great positive impacts from CBD products! Definitely helpful for anxiety at this time. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  2. It certainly does for me. I can’t say the same for everyone but it really can help me through mild anxiety attacks.
    Thank you for reading!

  3. It is mind blowing how beneficial CBD oil is, and how new it is to the mainstream. I use it for inflammation in my joints and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for sharing this brand!

  4. I know so many people that use it for pains and IBD. I find it so useful for my IBS symptoms as well as anxiety [Which kind of goes hand in hand].

  5. Very interesting. I’ve heard of CBD taking the edge off aches and pains. My father uses it for this reason.
    Hope you’re staying safe and thank you so much for commenting.

  6. I would recommend trying it even if it’s just for a few months. As mentioned you won’t be able to see the benefits until about a month in, like many traditional medications, so it’s important that you’re consistent if you do choose to use it.
    Thank you for reading πŸ™‚

  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment πŸ™‚ I’m not sure about India. It’s something you may need to google before attempting to buy.

  8. Thank you so much for commenting. I do highly recommend you look into it while traveling, just be aware of bringing it back to your own country.

  9. CBD is available legally all over the world as far as I’m aware, but I could be wrong.
    I hope you get the opportunity to give them a go in the future. x

  10. I really have to recommend it. Especially at the moment. Although I have stopped vaping it for obvious reasons I’ve started taking the drops on a daily basis. I will continue to vape once the epidemic is deemed over.

  11. I’ve heard so much great stuff about CBD, I can’t believe I haven’t tried it yet!

    – Laura //

  12. I have heard so much about CBD oil just in passing but haven’t done much research into it. I really thing I want to give CBD oil a try!

  13. I have heard about CBD products but haven’t tried them yet. I don’t think it’s available here.

  14. I have heard about CBD a lot but unfortunately it is not really common in my country (yet). I should take a look when I travel abroad where the products are available.

  15. Good to know about CBD, will recommend it to a few friends who suffer from anxiety issues. Is it available in India ?

  16. I’ve never tried CBD but I purchase it frequently for my grandmother who suffers from horrible joint pain. It does provide some relief. I may need to try it myself to calm some of this Rona anxiety.

  17. this is the first time i heard abou this CBD. it looks like an amazing and essential product!

  18. I haven’t ever tried CBD oil before, but it sounds like there are some amazing benefits to it!

  19. Very informative post. It is good that CBD is helping you. I hear so much about it and I am really being educated on it.

  20. I haven’t used CBD yet but have learned a lot about the benefits of it. I love using essential oils as an alternative!

  21. I’ve been using CBD to help with my anxiety as well as my physical pain, and it is so helpful! Thank you for sharing this friend, I hope you’re staying safe!

  22. I haven’t tried Cbd yet. I have read about the benefits, but I am still on the fence. Maybe one of these day I’ll try it.

  23. I want to try this; I need to try this!! I think it would be good for me – there’s just so much information out there. Thanks for writing this article to share your views on it! It really helps!

  24. I never heard of CBD before but I learned a lot. I cannot buy CBD as Japan is super-strict about drugs/medicines (I will be throw into jail even if I had something like aspirin), but I will share these to my North American friends.

  25. Great post. I have a 7 year old daughter with Juvenile Arthritis and along with her weekly Enbrel shots, she takes CBD daily. It really helps take edge off of the morning aches when it’s cooler.

  26. My doctor had recommended it years ago. I wish I hadn’t been so resistant. It’s been so helpful with the joint pain and internal pains I get from my Crohns.

  27. I love all of the different benefits that CBD gives, without having to deal with drug testing. I used CBD and it helped a lot. It’s great that it has helped you a ton as well. Thanks for sharing all of these different CBD options :).

    Nancy β™₯

  28. I too have approached this world for a short time, discovering instead how fascinating and above all how much resources it has.

  29. I have wanted to look into CBD but it is so confusing to me with so many different strains and forms. I have restless leg syndrome and it would be so nice to get my legs to relax enough to get a good night’s sleep. For now I am using magnesium and melatonin. They work okay but they don’t get rid of the feeling.

  30. I have heard about CBD products but haven’t tried them yet. I might have to at some point. I’d try the balm on the skin for sure since I have dry skin.

  31. I too have approached this world and I find it truly incredible and functional. It is good to talk about it because there is still a lot of misinformation.

  32. My grandfather used CBD as well to help with end-stage bowel cancer. It appeared to help him too. Plus my father uses it for chronic back pain and has done for quite a while.

  33. My father-in-law used CBD oil to help him be more comfortable in the last stages of his lung cancer. He seemed to feel that it helped. Every person is different, but I think that CBD is something worth trying out to see if it’s right for you.

  34. Thank you for stopping in Tinka! I would certainly give it another go but do your research. I always research these sorts of things because you just never know. Although I have purchased off amazon in the past, I tend to only use direct companies now i.e buying off company websites rather than amazon.

  35. I’ve tried CBD oil before as my boyfriends childhood friend has bought a bottle of it and gave some to me knowing how bad my anxiety is he thought it could help. It was chocolate and mint but all I could taste was this horrible taste with a hint of mint which didn’t help.

    At the time it either didn’t work or I was far to wound up to take any notice in its workings but I have been thinking about going back to them, I just haven’t been sure where a reliable source is to buy them from we I’m aware a lot of companies sells fakes or ones mixed so it isn’t all organic and sololey CBD

    GREAT post as always! ????????


  36. Have you been to your doctor lately and discussed this? I’ve recently opened up more to my therapist about my anxiety and it’s helped so much. Although the CBD helps, it’s not a miracle worker and my mindset has a lot to do with it too. When I’m in a better headspace the CBD has a chance to work, and if that requires other medications then so be it. It could be that you need something to calm your nerves pet.

    I hope you get sorted. x

  37. The balm is great and has really helped my partners skin. I discuss it more in a post going up in October, but I highly recommend going with Provacan. I’m also glad you found this helpful, and thank you very much for stopping in πŸ™‚

  38. Great article! I like how you used real testimonies & I’m always looking for skincare options for my acne so I’ll definitely look more into provacan.

  39. I have some but have never really tried it! I think I am going to break it out tonight.

  40. Very educational! Thank you for sharing. I’ve always been really pro CBD, so it’s really nice seeing it becoming more widely available to people.

  41. I was the same on my medication which is why I probably went on and off it so often. I hated feeling like a zombie, unable to laugh or cry. At least on CBD I feel less anxious but also able to feel something.

  42. I’ll be talking more about the CBD balm in a later blog post. But my partner is currently using it and loves it. It’s really helped clear up his skin when used every day. The CBD Balm by Provacan smells like coconut which is a bonus!

  43. That’s a good idea πŸ™‚ I suppose it would depend somewhat on the GP, but mine seems fairly open to things x

  44. My grandfather used it to help with his cancer symptoms, while my father uses it for chronic pain. I’ve been adamant that it’s beneficial to our health in so many ways since then. It helped my grandfather with his terminal anxiety at the very least. Thank you for stopping in and reading Britt, I always appreciate your feedback.

  45. Thank you, I’m glad it could help. I’ll be posting another about how I use it for anxiety later as this was more about the overall benefits.

  46. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading. I hope it helped you come to a decision, or at least gave you more information.

  47. It’s worth speaking to you GP about if it is something you want to try but feel hesitant about. I don’t know their stance on it, but there are clear benefits so it couldn’t hurt to ask their opinion. Thank you for popping in and reading pet. x

  48. It’s worth giving it ago. If you’re concerned, speak with your doctor before hand :). I’m glad you found this post informative and thank you for stopping by.

  49. I’m hearing lots about CBD for mental health right now, when I’d previously only ever heard of it associated with cancer treatment and chronic illnesses. What I’ve read seems to be mostly positive, I’m definitely going to try it for anxiety.