Top 5 Gifts for Father’s Day.

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Sunday, June 16th; Father’s Day. A day when fathers can expect to put their feet up, pop on the telly and promptly fall asleep. Or, at least, that’s what my father always winds up doing.

Father’s Day comes around once a year to give us the opportunity to show our Dad’s just how much they mean to us. Mum’s are easy to buy for. Most are happy with any standard perfume or pamper kit, but men are a bit more tricky.

My father loves history books. Anything about WWI or II and he’s happy, but the problem is that we’re beginning to run out of reputable material for him.

Dad is going through a lot at the moment in regards to his own parents, both of whom are very ill. Having just lost his father-in-law, who he respected and loved like his own father, I can’t imagine what he must be feeling. But he won’t stop! He never stops!

Mum, Dad and I out for a walk on the lough; 2018.

He’s been an amazingly understanding father throughout my entire life, even if I failed to notice it at the time. The truth is that he was always the one I felt more comfortable speaking with out of both of my parents, and for that I thank you. He may not have understood but he made an attempt to at least try to talk some sense into a stroppy, moody teenager like I was.

As my father gets older, it’s becoming more apparent that he needs to start looking out for number one. Gifts promoting self-care or relaxing hobbies might be better than yet another Dad’s Army marathon.

Father’s Day gifts to promote self-care;

Bathroom Survival Kit;

Encourage your Dad to look after himself. Skin care is no longer just a feminine secret, and even my own Dad moisturises. This set encourages the men in our lives to look after the skin they are in! That and caffeine shampoo is probably one of the best inventions of our time.

If your father is like mine, a little bit bald, you can always use the shampoo and hair paste yourself!

This handy set includes;
– Face Wash
– Face Scrub
– Moisturiser
– Lemon & Oak Shower Gel
– Caffeine Shampoo
– Texturising Hair Paste

ManCave Survival Set
ManCave Survival Set
Amazon Echo;

Who’s Dad doesn’t love the novelty of a Bluetooth speaker that talks back? There was even an ongoing joke in our house that Alexa was my Dad’s second wife! Although originally for my Dad, my Mum is the biggest user of Alexa in our house.

How is this self-care? Well, there have been studies on how music impacts our mental health, and it’s thought to be stress reducing to listen to our favourite tracks!

Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo
Beard Care Kit;

If your Dad has a beard then this is essential for father’s day. Johnathon Van Ness (the kween of the gays) is constantly prompting beard care to all the guys on Queer Eye. This beard care kit is just another way to prompt your dad into taking better care of himself.

Plus it comes with an awesome guide on how to grow a kick ass beard!

Beard Care Kit
Grow your own vegetables;

Gardening is the ultimate form of self-care. Why? Because you’re getting out in nature, you’re learning a new skill and you’re planting your very own vegetables. How cool is that?

Maybe your dad already has a well-pruned garden plot, or maybe it’s a new hobby for his upcoming retirement? Either way, this is the perfect kit to get him started!

You can read more about why gardening is so good for your mental health in this article by Ellie Roddy.

Build-on Mug;

Finally; The Lego Mug. A must have for any father, young or old. Who doesn’t love a good, strong brew? Milk, two sugars and a biscuit for dipping! Is that how all father’s take it, or just all the men in my life?

A fun, colourful and interactive mug is just what your Dad needs for those Sunday evenings on the couch.

This was something a little different than what I’m used to BUT I thought it would be a nice change from all my other content. I find that my Dad often gets over looked in terms of gifts, and so after spending hours on Amazon looking for his gift, I thought the rest of you might find this guide useful as well.

I hope you all have a wonderful, peaceful father’s day with the men in your lives.

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66 thoughts on “Top 5 Gifts for Father’s Day.

  1. There’s some great ideas on here! I swear I have the most difficult Dad to buy for on the planet though – he pretty much only likes heavy metal and guitars haha. Must admit I really want the veg kit and the mug building kit for myself…

    1. OMG if that was my Dad I would know what to get him every year! My dad is just into military stuff, history books about war and British soldiers, and anything to do with walking! Gardening, he was more into when Granda was alive and well.

      1. The problem is I think I’ve bought him every possible item to do with guitars and music that’s affordable 😂 I guess there’s a few things you could get related to military – books, art, ornaments… Dad’s are just so difficult, aren’t they?

  2. That build on mug is so cute! I could definitely see my husband playing with that hahaha – I’d have to ban him from bringing it to work 😉

  3. Might have to check out the bathroom kit! My father travels for work for 3 months at a time, so I’m sure he’d like it!

  4. Hello!
    That is a great post! Very good ideas, especially The Lego Mug. I find it very interesting present, my Dad will like it! 💖


  5. I love the veg idea! That’s right up my dads street, although not sure he has anymore room in his garden or greenhouse!

    Lovely picture of you and your parents x

  6. My Father doesn’t love the novelty of a wireless speaker that talks back! Watching him try to get Alexa to play his christmas song of choice at my brothers last year had the whole family cracking up!
    Gardening is the go to for my Dad – he is a wee bit obsessed with some mangetout plants he remembers when he was younger and as a family we have been trying to find the strain ever since because he does not remember what variety it was only that they have purple flowers. So far none of us have been successful XD

    1. My dad barely uses Alexa – but everytime she’s on Dad starts asking her questions, so we just refer to her as his girlfriend!
      My Dad and late-grandfather would have done a bit of gardening together, and I know that my other grandparents used to love gardening, so this just seemed the obvious choice for him this year 🙂
      Thank you so much for stopping by and reading Ruth x

  7. These are some great ideas for Father’s Day. My dad has everything he wants and if he doesn’t he buys it for himself. So I just do little gestures etc. Thank you for sharing these ideas! Xx

    1. This year, after some news about my granny, I think we’re just going to do what we can for him in terms of both his parents. That’s all he would ever want at this point.

    1. My granddad always loved gardening, so I just wanted to add that in therefore for anyone whos father / granddad is the same 😀

  8. I actually might get my dad an Alexa, such a good idea! I’m so bad at buying presents for my dad and feel like such an awful daughter 😩

    1. Same! When Father’s day rolls around, and he gets yet another book, or nothing, I always feel awful! Even though he would never say it!

  9. The Amazon Echo is a brilliant idea, at least for my Dad, he would love this! Thanks for the recomandation!

  10. Nice post! It’s great that you have a father that you feel more comfortable talking too. My mom is that way for me. I also like your gift ideas, as I usually find my father very difficult to shop for. Last year I put out a feeler on the Amazon Echo by casually mentioning it in conversation. He sort of scoffed, so I past on the idea.

    Sure enough, when I saw him again a few months later, there he was talking to Alexa like a best friend. Sigh! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Roger. My Dad hated the idea of Alexa at the start, stating it was too expensive for pretty much what the TV did (??). Then at Christmas he asking her all sorts of questions, asking her for songs and then getting annoyed she didn’t have them. He loves her now!

  11. I agree that self-care promoting products are the way to go for father’s day. I especially like the beard grooming kit!

  12. Such original and fun gift ideas. I’m sure your dad will be pleased with which ever one you get, the lucky fellow 🙂
    I think getting something they wouldn’t originally think to get for themselves is what they will appreciate.

  13. Love the Lego mug, what a clever idea! I’d never heard of the Funky Veg Kit, but I think that would make a fun gift, too! I agree that getting out and digging in the dirt is a great way to relieve stress and promote positive mental health, for fathers or just about anyone!

  14. Your dad seems very similar to mine and I love that. My dad is all about his history, but I didn’t even click about a bathroom survival kit for him which is totally dumb of me because he’s shaved his head and moustache since I was a tote! I might actually get him an Amazon Echo for his birthday because the thought of him yelling at Alexa has me snort laughing into my tea! xx

    1. My Dad has been looking after his skin more lately since cancer has been running through our family like a hungry ghost. He does tend to look after himself, but lately, he’s been run down traveling up and down from Cookstown to Antrim and then across to Craigavon to see his parents, so I just wanted to bestow upon him some self-care incentives. Every older person I know who has an Alexa treats her with the same dignity; Shouting at her until she sort of listens. x

  15. These are some really great ideas! My husband isn’t too hard to shop for, but my dad is. This was really well thought out!

  16. A much needed post! We don’t really celebrate Fathers day in India but I’m always at such a loss when it comes to gifting my father. This gives me so many good ideas!
    Lovely post!

  17. Some great ideas here! My dad has recently got into growing vegetables and fruit (since last year) and my parents’ back garden is the most beautiful place I have ever been in. Already got him a band tee but I might get him the funky veg kit or the Lego mug!

    1. My father loved gardening for ages, now he has little motivation since my grandfather passed. But I hope this will get him back into it.

    1. It could just be men are looking after themselves more? Beards are all back in, especially among younger men, so it could be part-in-partial.

  18. Oooh I love the mug! I am a sucker for a good novelty mug, haha. I have been stuck for ideas and it’s so so close now. Thank you for sharing these ideas! 🙂 x

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