Business Inquiries.

Nyxie’s Nook is a blog focusing on mental health awareness, eating disorder recovery, wellness, self-development and lifestyle. The blog was started in March 2019 in a bid to raise awareness for mental illness such as Anorexia Nervosa and Anxiety. However, Nyxie’s Nook has become a place to talk about all mental health issues and the struggles that come along with recovery. I cover a variety of subjects ranging from general wellness right up to more specific recovery-related content. I not only aim to cater to those in recovery but to people in all walks of life. 

Get in contact if…

  • You’re a company, big or small, in need of an honest product review and advertisement. 
  • In need of quality written content for your website of blog. Although I work with wellness and mental health best, I am open to discussing further niches. 
  • In need of social media advertising of a product or service provided it is not a weight loss product or drug related.


This can be discussed via email or through direct messages on various social media sites. Payment varies depending on the subject, time frame, company budget etc.

Please contact me via my email address for further discssion.


Here are just a few companies that I’ve worked with in the past.