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Andrea Hunt.

“Personal growth has always been important to me as I have overcome many struggles, whether familiar, with my personal relationships, professional, or challenging many old patterns and beliefs.”

If you’re interested in improving your life and well-being in 2023, look no further than Andrea! She’s a certified transformational life coach and is qualified in Level 2 EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique).

On a more personal note, Andrea has helped me on numerous occasions to work through my stress and anxiety using EFT. What’s more? I was able to take her advice to my sceptic husband who now uses tapping as a way to centre himself in times of trouble.

If you’re interested in getting in touch with Andrea, simply email her at Or you can book a 15-minute FREE discovery call to find out if this package is for you!

Here are three of Andrea’s top picks!

  1. Why Self-love is Important and How to Love Yourself More Today
  2. How your limiting beliefs create insecurities and sabotage your confidence in life.
  3. 9 Steps To Achievable 2023 Goals.
  4. Want Better Mental and Emotional Health? Here’s Why Exercise is Your New Best Friend in 2023.

Bournemouth Girl.

“I am a 30-something woman who is a lover of cute stationery, big cats and being in nature. I am a blogger who creates content on blogging, well-being, planning and organisation aimed to help others create some organisation in their lives.”

Bournemouth Girl is a wonderful blog run by UK-based blogger, Lauren. She’s a lover of stationary, wellness, and organisation. Her blogs have taught me so much about routine and keeping myself (and my surroundings) together! I’ve even written a few articles for Bournemouth girl and vice versa! Want to work with other bloggers on a more personal level? Lauren is your girl!

Here are three of Andrea’s top picks!

  1. 8 Ways To Decorate Your Bullet Journal When You Can’t Draw.
  2. How To Refresh Your Blog This Year.
  3. 7 Things To Do Before 10am To Own The Day.
  4. 6 Staples You Need In Your Spring Wardrobe.

The Grumpy Olive

We are The Grumpy Olive, a team of three sisters blogging from Italy. On our blog, we write about all the things we love, and this includes food, coffee, beauty and books among the many things. You can expect to find easy but tasty recipes, the latest in books and also some talk on beauty and travel because we may fancy that here and there. But most of all, The Grumpy Olive is a little corner of the internet where everything is just fun, new and upbeat – just what the doctor ordered!”

The Grumpy Olive is wonderful discussing all things from lifestyle to vacations to the latest book reviews. It was started by Simona, and she was later joined by her sisters, Fred and Cristina. It’s not often you come across a blog held together by three dedicated siblings. It’s been so enjoyable reading their content over the years and I can’t express how much I love to see three family members working together so closely.

The team over at The Grumpy Olive are dedicated to bringing us wonderful content, some of which are linked below.

Here are three of The Grumpy Olive’s top picks!

  1. Incredible Vegan Egg Mayo Sandwich Recipe
  2. Amazing Sparkling Grapefruit Mocktail Recipe
  3. 13 Incredible Books I Have Loved Reading In 2022.
  4. The Best Vegan Panna Cotta.

Meet my previous top-tier advertisers!

Of A Glasgow Girl!

Jordanne is a Scottish lass with a passion for all things mental health, self-care, beauty, and blogging!

Who’s The Mummy?

Who’s the mummy? That would be Sally! A self-proclaimed busy mum to daughter, Flea, spoiled-rotten westie, Teddy.

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